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The workshops of Vassallo & Xuereb Ltd were launched in January 1973 as a center of excellence in metalcraft. Over the years, the company has undertaken thousands of assignments and commissions, earning itself a reputation for quality and style. It has created a broad range of products made out of iron for the decoration and interiors of buildings as well as a range of products for exterior use. This impressively large range of objects is developed in different styles that include both the more traditional and the modern approaches to metalworks.

Such was the company's success over the years that its wrought iron works can now be found in private homes and residences, as well as in public buildings and offices, all over

Festa 2020

Tagħlim tal-Mużika mall-Banda Peace

Għafas fuq il-buttuna t'hawn taħt sabiex tirreġistra għal tagħlim tal-mużika professjonali minngħajr ħlas.

Wara li tirreġistra, s-Soċjeta' Mużikali Peace ser tikkuntatjak fuq id-dettalji li tkun għadek kemm irreġistrajt bihom.